Genetron® AZ-50 (R-507A)

honeywell Genetron® 507 has been developed by Honeywell to serve as a long-term replacement for Genetron® 502 (CFC-502). An azeotropic mixture of HFC-125 and HFC-143a, Genetron® 507 is an environmentally safer, non-ozone depleting substitute for R-502 in low- and medium-temperature refrigeration systems.

Genetron® 507 has an excellent performance fit in commercial refrigeration applications such as supermarket display cases, refrigerated transport and ice making machines. However, it also has the potential to deliver a long-term, highly energy efficient solution in some low- to medium-temperature industrial refrigeration applications. When applied to those systems it can be used as a replacement for both Genetron® 502 and Genetron® 22 (HCFC-22).

Genetron® 507 is suitable both for new equipment and for retrofitting refrigeration systems previously using Genetron® 502. In these applications experience has shown that there will be few if any design changes needed to optimize Genetron® 507 performance in these applications.