Industrial Gases - AIR

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Air is the natural atmosphere of the earth, a nonflammable, colorless, odorless gas that consists of a mixture of gaseous elements (with argon, water vapor, a small amount of carbon dioxide, and traces of many other constitutes).

Air meeting particular purity specifications has many important applications. It is used in SCBAs used by industrial, emergency response, and fire fighting personnel, and as a power source for various types of pneumatic equipment. Some more common applications are as below:

  • Medical
  • Atomic Energy Fields
  • Undersea
  • Aerospace

Hazards Identifications
High pressure gas may accelerate combustion. At atmospheric pressure air has no adverse health effects.

Handling and Storage
Keep cylinders and their valves free from oil and grease.Open valve slowly. Use an adjustable strap wrench to remove over-tight or rusted caps.Prolonged periods of cold temperature below -30oc should be avoided. Full and empty cylinders should be segregated.
Use a first-in, first-out inventory system to prevent full containers from being stored for long periods of time.Containers should not be stored in conditions likely to encourage corrosion.

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