Industrial Gases - HYDROGYEN (H2)

Hydrogen is a highly flammable, colorless and odorless gas. It is highly explosive in Nature and may pose an immediate fire hazard. Hydrogen is the first element in the Periodic table and is lighter than air. It combines readily with Oxygen. It is present in the Atmosphere in very low quantities. Two commonly used processes for Hydrogen Productions are electrolysis of water and natural gas cracking. Hydrogen is supplied as Compressed gas filled at high pressure in cylinders.

Hydrogen is used in the industry as a reducing agent in applications where oxidation is Threat. It is used in Hydrogenation of fats such as edible oil and margarine. Most Common applications are as follows:

  • Fuel Cells
  • Analytical Applications
  • Rocket Fuel Mixtures
  • Fiber Optics Production
  • Electronic Microchip Manufacturing
  • Hydrogenation Process
  • Desulphurising & Hydro-cracking in Petroleum Industry
  • Inerting Atmosphere
  • Combustible for special applications

Hazards Identifications
Inhalation of the gas in abundance could lead to asphyxiation. Compressed gas extremely flammable.

Handling and Storage
Purge air from system before introducing gas. Hydrogen is the lightest gas known and May collect in the top of buildings without proper ventilation. It may leak out of a System that is gas-tight for air or other gases. Leak check system with leak detection Solution, never with flame.
Keep away from ignition sources (including static discharges). Segregate from oxidant Gases and other oxidants in store. Keep container below 50oc in a well ventilated place.

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