Genetron® AZ-20 (R-410A)

honeywell Genetron® AZ-20 (an azeotropic mixture of HFC-32/HFC-125, assigned R-410A by ASHRAE), has been developed by Honeywell to serve as a long-term, non-ozone-depleting replacement for HCFC-22 in a variety of new-equipment applications.

Genetron® AZ-20 has a significantly higher capacity and pressure than HCFC-22 and an intrinsically low toxicity. Because it behaves like an azeotrope, Genetron AZ-20 is easy to service in the field.

Genetron® AZ-20 is patented and has been recognized by Underwriters’ Laboratory as practically non-flammable.

Unitary Air Conditioning
Genetron AZ-20 is the ideal non-ozone-depleting, long-term replacement for HCFC-22 in new residential and light commercial unitary air conditioning systems. In new unitary systems optimized for its use, with either scroll or reciprocating compressors, Genetron AZ-20 has shown in tests to have a 5-to-6 percent higher Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) than HCFC-22.

Genetron AZ-20 also has a higher capacity and pressure than HCFC-22, enabling the design of smaller, more compact airconditioning equipment.

Genetron AZ-20 serves as an excellent replacement for HCFC-22 in new chillers, particularly positive displacement chillers. It also may serve as a retrofit fluid for replacing HCFC-22 in some existing chillers with components approved for high pressure, especially those with flooded heat-exchangers. Honeywell recommends contacting the original chiller equipment manufacturer before carrying out any retrofit.