Genetron® 407C (R-407C)

honeywell Genetron® 407C was developed by Honeywell to provide a non-ozone depleting substitute for Genetron® 22 in a range of airconditioning applications, as well as a variety of refrigeration systems. Because Genetron® 407C is closely matched in performance with Genetron® 22, it can also serve as a retrofit refrigerant fluid in applications which have previously used Genetron® 22.

Genetron® 407C, a blend of HFC-32/HFC-125/HFC-134a, can also replacement Genetron® 22 in residential and light commercial air-conditioning systems. Because Genetron® 407C has little or no capacity decrease relative to Genetron® 22, it has an easy fit with existing equipment designs. However, when retrofitting these systems to Genetron® 407C some loss of efficiency will occur and some equipment modification will be necessary when retrofitting these systems to Genetron® 407C. In designing for new equipment, some design changes may be needed if retention of efficiency ratings is desirable.

Genetron® 407C can replace Genetron® 22 in positive displacement chillers that do not have flooded heat-exchangers. But because Genetron® 407C is a blend with a temperature glide, it is not recommended for use in chillers with a flooded evaporator.

Genetron® 407C may also be used to replace Genetron® 22 in existing medium-temperature commercial refrigeration systems, including supermarket display cases and reach-in coolers.